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517 / 518

5.5" Deep Airfoil Blade Steel Control Damper
Steel control damper with airfoil blades and telescoping drive shaft. Available with parallel (517) or opposed (518) blade action.

Quick Specs - Non-UL Dampers

Name517 / 518
Specifier Name(s)518
Product TypesControl Dampers, and Non-UL Dampers
Material OptionsGalvanized Steel
Temperature Rating (°F)-40 °F to 200 °F
Blade TypeAirfoil Blade
Blade ActionOpposed
Blade Depth


Frame Construction5.5" Deep
Panel Maximum Size(s)W: 48"x H: 72"
Pressure Drop.03 in. w.g. @ 1000 fpm
Max Static Pressure12 .in w.g. @ 1000 fpm
Maximum Velocity (FPM)5000 fpm

Detailed Specs

*For additional options/configurations see spec sheet or contact the factory.
*This info listed here is For Reference ONLY, Please Refer to the Submittal For Full Product Data

Product Submittal

Product Submittal
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