Arrow's AMCA Approved Louvers

Member of the AMCA

The Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International is a not-for-profit trade association servicing the air and ventilation system equipment industry through the Certified Ratings Program to ensure reliable and accurate published ratings which can be fairly compared for all products in the air movement and control industry.


Arrow United Industries has many louver products certified under the AMCA Certified Ratings Program. Arrow produces the following:

Wind Driven Storm Louvers

Arrow United Industries has 5", 6", and 8" deep stationary louvers tested for wind driven rain specifications: 3" of rainfall at 29mph and 8" of rainfall at 50mph.

Tested in accordance with AMCA Standard 500-L.

Hurricane Louvers

Miami-Dade County Certified Hurricane Louvers

Arrow's EA22 and EA32 stationary louvers are approved for use in severe weather environments and have Miami Dade County Product Approval for TAS201, TAS202, and TAS203 protocols for structural applications.